Hardware Supply & Integration

Leading Hardware supplier and integrator in Doha, Qatar. Bright Information Systems can provide all the hardware supplies you need, with the expertise to fully integrate them. Between our certified experts and our world-class leading manufactures to deliver impeccable fully integrated networking.

Networking & Security

Leading networking & security solutions provider in Doha, Qatar. How can we protect you and design your network infrastructure and its security? We harness the power of technology to help you do great things, providing you with access to the latest digital transformation solutions, through our strategic technology partners, and vendors across industries

Internet Of Things

Enhance life with always-connected devices. leverage the power of the cloud by creating a truly holistic ecosystem. Change the way your mobile, distributed workforce collaborates. Deliver an engaging experience for voice, video, and mobility on virtually any device. Simple enough to run on an appliance, powerful enough to support 2,000 users with virtualized software. Easy to use. Easy to manage. Exceptional value.

Leading ERP Solutions

Leading ERP solutions provider in Doha, Qatar. BIS Qatar is one of the longest standing independent vendors of ERP software solutions in the middle east. Fully-integrated & customized ERP software solutions for financial accounting, CRM, sales, point-of-sales, purchase, inventory, hr, payroll, rental, real estate, contracting, manufacturing, logistics, and transportation.

Managed IT Services

Software essential provider in Doha, Qatar. We will handle it, while you focus on achieving your business goals. building state of the art it systems is only half of the success story, ensuring smooth and optimum operations is the other half. our managed it services ensure ongoing around the clock support.

Unified Communications

With our innovative and award-winning cloud integration features, you can host many voice solutions with Google Cloud with Avaya integration. We also support third-party IVR and CRM software for call centers. As OpenERP experts, we are capable of providing voice integrated CRM solution.