Microsoft Azure

Leading Microsoft Azure service provider in Doha, Qatar.

Bright Information Systems is the leading Microsoft Azure product and service provider in the state of Qatar as needed for all sizes of organizations.

Microsoft Azure services

With bright information systems leading partnership on Microsoft, we offer an end-to-end spectrum of azure services including designing and deploying cloud transformation solutions where our clients can now benefit from our new capabilities as a Microsoft cloud solution provider (CSP). we offer a full spectrum of cloud capabilities which cover:

  • Consult
  • Build
  • Manage
  • Innovate
  • Analytics
  • Transform workplace
  • Security
  • Center of excellence

Build Core Infrastructure

Build and extend core infrastructure such as DNS, Active Directory, DHCP, and Windows / Linux VMs on to the Cloud. Migrate applications in a phased and secure manner without compromise on on-premises applications and data with full data control.

Develop Modern Application

Azure’s capabilities help you build anything, from lightweight websites to multi-tiered cloud services that can be scaled as your traffic grows suitable to the organization. Deploy applications for Android, iOS, and Windows and create and manage media in the cloud.

Big Data and Actionable Insights

Rely on actionable insights from your big data to drive your next decision. Find advantage of a fully compatible enterprise-ready Hadoop service that leverages the full power of SQL Server on the cloud to cluster and analyze data.

Manage Identity and Access

Azure’s AD provides global scale access to centrally manage employee access and provide single sign-on to Microsoft services such as Azure, Office 365, and other non-MS cloud apps. Its multi-factor authentication protects sensitive company information.

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Bright Information Systems is a top systems integration company and provides products and solutions for a wide range of large, medium, and small companies. BIS has a dedicated, motivated, and technically strong team for Azure implementations. The company’s expertise in deploying Microsoft tools and programs is a factor that you can make use of when you work with the company to develop your cloud computing solutions.