Audio Visual Systems

Audio visual systems solutions provider in Qatar

In Modem world, Audio Visual systems have an ever increasing role to playin both the workplace as well as leisure environments. Audio visual technology is an effective tool that serves a variety of purposes. AV Systems can be as simple as a single source display device or a much complicated system where a total integration of various sources like a live television, presentation display, video conferencing system, lighting control devices, temperature control inputs, music systems etc. We provide comprehensive sales, installation and support for below AV systems.

Video Conferencing and Digital Signage are major applications of audio and visualization technology. we offers a complete HD video conferencing portfolio for communication from any end point over any network. We also provide digital signage solutions that custom wrap our solutions around your needs.

Bright Information Systems’ team of experts will work with you in assessing your business’s requirements to find the best possible sound system solution for your project. From paging and background music systems to sound systems for auditoriums, we have it all covered.

Video Conferencing Systems

Meet differently. Get to better outcomes faster than ever—and power it all with immersive collaboration and video conferencing, any-device freedom, and more. Give employees and customers better experiences everywhere they look.

IP TV, Digital Signage, Room Signage, SMATV

Connected content, Deployed everywhere, Engaged audiences. IPTV provides an integrated platform for simultaneously delivering multiple TV channels over IP protocol to the desktop and television environment.

Wireless Audio System Solutions

We offers a huge range of Audio Systems designed to broadcast bells, music, alerts and announcements in schools, colleges, factories, logistics hubs, Nursing home and more. Know more about our range of Wireless Audio Systems and Solutions.