CCTV & Surveillance Systems

Leading CCTV & Surveillance system dealer and supplier in Doha, Qatar.

Bright Informations Systems is the leading provider of total cctv solution using the latest available technology intentionally.

Wireless & wired CCTV security and surveillance systems

Our latest in innovative centralized wireless CCTV technology is here! Fully wireless wifi/4G enabled our Wireless CCTV tech can be set up anywhere, regardless of the environment and availability of electric power.

All-weather smart CCTV security

Smart CCTV & Surveillance security fights the hard weather challenges and keeps recording in high performance. Technologies like Thermal cameras, IP 67, IK 10, IR & Night Vision are there to assure hi-resolution recording under any hard weather. Extremely Hot weather. rain falls, dusty weather, Snow is not challenging for CCTV & surveillance anymore, Technology is there to overcome challenges.

Home security

  • Smart cameras measure temperature & humidity.
  • Motion detection configuration.
  • Face recognition.
  • Mobile & remote surveillance.
  • Intrusion for your home access to your cameras. 

CCTV maintenance services

  • Security & CCTV preventative maintenance to assure zero failure rate.
  • CCTV corrective maintenance, bringing faulty systems back to life.
  • Design and implement cctv projects according to the MOI regulations.
  • Remote monitoring for your site cameras.
IP CCTV Security System Provider in Qatar

IP CCTV Security System Provider in Qatar

We are one of the leading CCTV suppliers in Qatar included in the list of MOI SSD-approved CCTV companies in Qatar. Being well known to be a professional company among the security system companies in Qatar, Our systems related to security solutions have been implemented in many critical areas of Qatar.