Master Clock System

Master Clock System Provider in Qatar

Display and distribute time. From simple schoolhouse systems to university hospitals with thousands of slave clocks, we can do it all. Our master clocks provide a reliable time reference for networks and include daylight saving time. It is used for the provision of an accurate time string for other systems in the plant to synchronize their system timing.


  • Transport
    Millions of travelers around the world reap the benefits of MOBATIME time systems. This era of globalization and greater mobility calls for forward-thinking solutions. Whether on high-speed lines or high above the clouds – precise time distribution makes mobility safe.
  • Rail
    The technical systems in rail transport services are extremely complex. In addition to the time display, the ticket machines, loudspeakers, video surveillance and fire monitoring systems all rely on the time provided by the time server. The time server in the Operation Control Center (OCC) ensures that functions are reliable, even over very long distances.
  • Airport
    High reliability to within micro or nanoseconds and maximum availability are fundamental to the complex control centers in air travel. Time reference systems make flying safe and punctual. They supply the time to all the different systems throughout the airport, including time displays, talking clocks, flight monitoring, radar data and data exchanges.
  • Ships
    Ships, freighters and harbors depend on the time for their proper operation. For cruise ships that cross several time zones, the local time should be regularly adjusted. The Time Zone Management on the Timeserver/Master clock must be simple and shall provide the LTC (Local Time Coordinate) as well as the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Our Solution Includes

Master Clock Supplier in Qatar

Master Clock System

The source of accurate time for the Master Clock is provided by the Satellite. We provide synchronized central clock solutions both analog or digital to any industries where accurate time is key and critical information.

Digital & Analogue Clock Supplier in Qatar

Digital and Analogue Clock

We do conventional, IP based, wired and wireless clock solutions with GPS synchronizations through analog and digital clock displays. For prices, product advice and orders please contact us any time. 

Time Server

Welcome to the world of time accuracy Delivering highly accurate time information to any IT equipment. We delivers high performance timing solutions including time servers with enhanced resiliency provided by alternative signals and anti-jamming technologies.