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Bodet Supplier or Dealer in Qatar

For more than 40 years, Bodet Time has been designing analogue clocks, digital clocks, and station clocks in France. Multiple styles of clocks are installed in schools, healthcare institutions, industrial environments, stations, and airports. Bodet Time is also the specialist for speakers and microphones.

Bodet Time equips schools in France and abroad with bell systems to broadcast lockdown alerts in the event of major incidents. Their audio systems can also play a bell, melody or voice message to set a pattern for a school day or inform factory workers. Bodet offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor clocks: analogue, LCD and LED clocks. Linked to a time distribution system, these clocks can be controlled by a master clock or a time server.

Bodet also offers ranges of audio, LED display and digital signage systems. Bodet has expertise in a range of sectors, including education, manufacturing, healthcare, transport and government. We can also create bespoke solutions to your needs.

Wireless Audio System

Melodys speakers: Wireless bell system (DHF) Designed to replaced those old ear-splitting and dated bell systems, Melodys speakers broadcast pre-recorded melodies and messages in schools and colleges, logistics hubs and factories. The Melodys range features wireless interior and exterior speakers, controlled by a master clock (DHF technology).