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Tripleplay Supplier or Dealer in Qatar

Tripleplay has been selected by thousands of organizations around the world since its formation in 2008, establishing itself as a market leader in the development and delivery of business grade Enterprise Video, IPTV and Digital Signage. Tripleplay is part of the Uniguest group alongside ONELAN, Touchtown and Uniguest.

TripleTV, our enterprise IPTV headend platform, allows the capture and ingest of content from a wide range of sources, encoding and redistributing them across an IP network to our Digital Signage screens, desktop video app, Interactive IPTV Portal, mobile IPTV application or as a standalone TV feed.

A Fully Integrated Enterprise Video, IPTV & Digital Signage Software Platform

Enterprise Video Solution

Tripleplay’s product suite is fully integrated and easy to manage via its content management platform. Browser based management pages allow users to easily access, update and control different content types and dynamically deliver these to digital signage displays, mobile devices, desktops and interactive touchscreen displays.

IPTV – IP Television

Tripleplay’s TripleTV IPTV headend platform, allows the capture and ingest of content from a wide range of sources, encoding and redistributing them across an IP network to digital signage screens, desktops, mobile devices and Tripleplay’s Interactive IPTV Portal.

Digital Signage

Tripleplay’s TripleSign Digital Signage is a fully integrated digital signage platform that allows users to dynamically control, update and deliver digital and video communications to a variety of end devices. The platform has a wide array of features including 4k video and graphics, integrated IPTV, built-in content management system, interactive touchscreen capabilities and many more.

Interactive IPTV Portal

Tripleplay’s Interactive IPTV Portal is the perfect in room entertainment TV Portal for guests. The Portal is fully customisable with multiple theme options it also includes VOD, Live TV, EPG display, can ingest local data feeds and integrates into room control and multiple PMS.

HD Encoder

Tripleplay’s HD Encoder allows for the delivery of super low latency live video streaming and is ideal for fast moving environments such as sports stadia and arena and is available in both two channel and four channel options, both delivered as 1U, 19” rack mount units.

Media Video Player – MVP

Accessed via our own desktop app, the MVP provides online and off network video streaming via secure encrypted download, as well as personal content upload and a full content management system.

Reserva Edge Meeting Room Booking Solution

Reserva Edge is a purpose-built room sign providing the latest room booking functionality as well as a dynamic communications platform on which businesses, educational institutions and hospitality venues can advertise, build brand awareness and share their internal communications.

Mobile Media Application – MMA

Tripleplay’s MMA is an integrated platform that uses Tripleplay IPTV streaming technology to enable viewing, uploading and sharing of media content, IT also comes with built in forms and chat features and acts as a great communications platform for organizations.